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An Introduction to business card CD-Rs

A business card CD-R or CD-R business card is a cost-effective way to promote your business and complement your Web site. Also refrerred to as 'business card CDs', their attractive size and style make them ideal for companies looking to promote services and products in an eye-catching manner.

We can produce quantities of 50 discs upwards and for orders of under 1000 units can offer production and delivery in 1-2 working days, with free proof discs provided before you are committed to the order in any way. Our range also includes DVD-R business cards, full size CDs, full size DVDs, mini CDs and mini DVDs.

CD-R business cards can contain flash animation, sales brochures, PDF files, audio samples, a copy of your website or an interactive presentation. Our CD-R business cards can hold upto 50MB of information (we can also supply business card DVD-Rs with a 330MB capacity) and they are small enough to fit into a wallet, making them a great sales tool that are easy to give out or can be mailed to prospective clients for just the cost of a stamp. Business card discs are currently very popular with our clients for distributing information at trade shows and exhibitions.

For more information regarding our business card CDs, please view our business card CD-R prices and specifications page.


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