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CD-R business card label size and artwork

CD-R business cards are essentially the exact same width as a credit card, but about 7mm taller and are only just over 1mm thick.

We have created templates specifically for our size of business card CD-R and DVD-R (they are both identical in size). Please right click on a link below and select 'Save Target As...' to download a template.

Adobe Fireworks business card CD template Download Adobe® Fireworks® template (.png) (0.2MB)
Adobe Photoshop business card CD template Download Adobe® Photoshop® template (.psd) (1.56MB)

CD-R business cards are supplied complete with a full colour glossy laser label which is ideal if your label design includes a wide range of colours or very fine details as the print resolution is very high. Our 50MB disc laser labels measure 83.5mm x 57.5mm, although we recommend having a 4mm bleed around all edges of the label, including the central cut. The label that you design should therefore be 91.5mm x 65.5mm and produced at a resolution of 600dpi (dots per inch) for best results.

CD-R business card artwork dimensions

If you are creating a basic canvas in an image editing program then your canvas should measure 2162 x 1547 pixels for a 600dpi image.

Image artwork should be exported and sent to us as a 100% JPEG or TIFF image in either CMYK or RGB for best results.

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